Sławek Jaskułke

The Gold Rush



Silent movie with live music

Directed by:

Charles Chaplin


Genre, produced:

Comedy, Silent | USA | 1925 | 72min


Sławek Jaskułke


"Silent the Live" Film Festival

Gdańsk, December 2012


Sławek Jaskułke – piano, keyboards

Pedro Gonzales –  live electronics

The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) travels to the Yukon to take part in the Klondike Gold Rush. Bad weather strands him in a remote cabin with Big Jim, a prospector who has found a large gold deposit (Mack Swain) and Black Larsen, an escaped fugitive (Tom Murray), after which they part ways, with Big Jim and Black Larsen fighting over the prospector's claim, ending with Big Jim receiving a blow to the head and Black Larsen falling off a cliff to his death. The Tramp eventually finds himself in a gold rush town where he ultimately decides to give up prospecting.

After taking a job looking after another prospector's cabin, he falls in love with a lonely saloon girl (Georgia Hale) whom he mistakenly thinks has fallen in love with him. He soon finds himself waylaid by Big Jim, who has developed amnesia and needs the Tramp to help him find his claim by leading him back to the first cabin.

One sequence was altered in the 1942 re-release so that instead of the Tramp finding a note from Georgia which he mistakenly believes is for him, he actually receives the note from her. Another major alteration is the ending, in which the now-wealthy Tramp originally gave Georgia a lingering kiss on board ship; the sound version ends before this scene. Now, the two share a romantic moment by the old house.