Sławek Jaskułke

Jaskułke Piano Solo



Solo recitals are a very noble and crystalline, difficult and demanding form. The form, which is expected the excellent technical preparation or music as awareness of artist’s own decisions and beliefs about the power of music creation. It is a form that requires the inner humility and extraordinary creativity. Form which is a combination of a constant search for peace. It becomes a challenge to the search of his own voice through the prism of musical dialogue with himself. Sławek solo face is the example of fidelity to ideals and internal rules.


The artist is at the opposite pole of stardom, and working out his own recognizable style and proves that it is not based on the stuffy conventions of the commercial treatments. This is the proof of the  artistic maturity and confidence of his musical decisions. In his solo music lies the spirit of Impressionism, late Romanticism, and even elements of Baroque polyphonic improvisation. The best example of this is the latest series of Eight Improvisation  Saved for Piano Solo. Each of them differs in style and character, has in an extraordinary emotional and conscious colouristic – dramatic creation. An extensive repertoire also includes a solo recital interpretation of jazz standards and reference to Chopin. In these last the Chopin's music is a novel interpretation of the artist, sometimes improvised poetry that is only an inspiration and base to a completely new composition.


In 2006, Sławek Jaskułke represented Poland at the Music Beyond Borders festival in Hong Kong, which resulted in the first solo album Jaskułke - Hong Kong which is a record of the recital. Album of Jazz Forum magazine received the highest mark - five stars.



"In his music, engaging and acting on emotion, there is a balance and well-measured proportions."            

Dziennik Bałtycki


"Jaskułke balances on the border between jazz and classical music. Much of the romantic and intriguing metaphysical feelings."                                                                                                                           



"Sławek Jaskułke is today both an excellent improviser and modern classicising romantic."